Get Personalized 1-on-1 Help From a Garden Expert
—Without All the Fluff and Boring Zoom Calls


You have lightning-quick fingers when it comes to Googling all your gardening questions, but you’re tired of piecing together conflicting information from all those different sources—and seem to be getting even more confused with every search you do.

Or maybe you just want someone knowledgeable that you can call up real quick and ask your question—like a garden-savvy friend who’ll tell you like it is—but all you’re finding are webinars and courses that demand way more time than you’re willing to give.

You just want to talk to a REAL person, who understands where you’re coming from and can speak from real-life experience (and not just repeat the textbooks)...

Someone who can offer honest insights, constructive feedback, and tried-and-true tips to cut through the overwhelm, move you forward, and help you take action.

This, my friend, is what the Virtual VIP Garden Coaching experience is all about.

If you’re the type of person who simply cannot sit through another boring Zoom call and you like to let ideas marinate for a while, you’ll love this modern new take on the traditional coaching call.

You see, where most other coaches sit you down for a “Power Hour” or a series of consultations...

My Virtual VIP Garden Coaching takes all the pressure off a live call or monthly commitment because you have a full 12-hour window to ask all your questions, dwell on advice, and implement what you learn without losing steam.

Think of how much you can accomplish when you’re not being rushed through a call. Or how convenient it would be if you could just send a text message when you’ve got a problem that Google can’t solve. 

If you’ve hired a coach or watched a webinar before, tell me...

How many times have you:

Forgotten what was discussed and wished you had taken better notes

Remembered all those other questions you wanted to ask… long after the meeting had ended

Lost motivation and felt even less productive because no one followed up with you

Found yourself needing to book another meeting… and another one… just to get all your issues figured out

With my Virtual VIP Garden Coaching, you’ll have instant access to me through Voxer, a mobile and desktop app that lets you send text, audio, and video messages seamlessly—without the pressure of having to be online the whole time.

That means you can do the call in your pajamas, take a break to make lunch, pick up your kids in between, and actually GET STUFF DONE during your coaching session.

Just pop off a quick message when you’re feeling stuck or need some clarity, shoot a video tour of your garden to get ideas, or snap a photo on your phone for help with planting, pruning, or harvesting—while you’re in the garden!

It’s like having a friend in your back pocket! A friend who loves to garden, that is.

When you sign up for a Virtual VIP Garden Coaching session, you can get personalized 1-on-1 help with:

  • Garden design and layout ideas
  • Seed shopping and seed starting
  • Plant selection and transplanting
  • Beginner to advanced growing techniques
  • Natural pest and disease management 
  • Watering and fertilizing
  • Composting and mulching
  • Raising backyard chickens
  • Harvesting, cooking, canning, and fermenting
  • Anything you’ve ever been curious about but never knew who to ask 

And the best part?

Your entire garden coaching session is saved automatically in the Voxer app, so you’ll have a full recording of everything that was discussed. Replay our conversations as many times as you want!

How this works:

  1. Pick a day. Schedule your preferred date for the coaching session. There’s no need to free your calendar for this—Virtual VIP Garden Coaching is very family- and work-friendly. All you need is enough time to listen and reply to messages throughout the day.
  2. Get set up. Sign up for a free account on Voxer so we can communicate. This is a walkie talkie-style instant-messaging app that lets you send text, audio, and video messages in real-time. (No phone numbers are exchanged.) 
  3. Say hello. We add each other on Voxer, and you can send me your questions ahead of time so we can dive right in when your day starts. You get access to me for 12 hours (from 9am to 9pm PT) to get the personalized support you need!

Virtual VIP Garden Coaching


It's like having a friend you can text all day with all your gardening questions!

Frequently asked questions

Anyone who has an existing edible garden they want to improve, or anyone who’s aspiring to build an edible garden and wants feedback before jumping in.

With Virtual VIP Garden Coaching, you get access to my 10 years of practical, real-life experience with growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits organically in a home garden in two vastly different climate zones (Southern California zone 10b and Central Oregon zones 4-6b).

I‘ve grown in raised beds, containers, and in the ground, and refined my “lazy gardening” strategies and techniques over the years to create productive and sustainable edible gardens in the most challenging conditions (including multi-year drought, multi-month marine layer, clay soil, no soil, and dozens of insect pests and wildlife pests). If you feel this is the type of experience you can benefit from, let’s chat.

I’m not the right coach for you if you’re primarily an ornamental or medicinal gardener (succulents, roses, cannabis, etc.) or if you’re using specialty methods to grow food (hydroponics, greenhouse only, indoor only, etc.).

My focus is on organic home gardening methods using natural systems, so we may not be a good fit if your interest is in monocropping, market growing, or using commercial pesticides as the first solution. 

Don’t worry, this is NOT a 12-hour coaching call. (Whew!) I’m simply making myself available from 9am to 9pm PT so that anyone, no matter where they are in the world, has a good window of time to participate in the coaching session.

It does not mean you need to show up promptly at 9am, nor should you feel obligated to stay on till 9pm. You can start and end the session whenever you’d like.

By the end of our session, I want you to feel completely confident and satisfied that you got everything you needed from our conversations. 

Voxer is a free instant-messaging app that’s incredibly simple to use. If you can send a text, you can use Voxer! (It’s much easier than Zoom, and way less glitchy.)

Once you sign up for a session, full instructions will be emailed to you and I’ll make sure you’re properly set up ahead of time. All you need to do is create a new account on the Voxer app (which you can download for Android or iOS) or on (on your computer). 

All messages are answered within 30 minutes, but most of the time, I answer even sooner than that. Your coaching session is structured as a casual conversation that carries on throughout the day, much like an ongoing message thread you might have with a friend where you take natural breaks to continue with your daily life, but check in as needed.

This steady, relaxed pace allows space in between messages for you to process the information, take any needed action, and follow up with questions. That’s what makes my Virtual VIP Garden Coaching so effective. 

Once you sign up, you’ll be emailed a link to book a date on my calendar (through Calendly). The scheduling process is automated so once your date is confirmed, you’re set to go! Your coaching session must take place within 30 days of purchase. 

All scheduling and rescheduling is automated through Calendly, my online calendar app. When you sign up, you’ll be sent an email with instructions and a link to book your date. Save this email, as you’ll need the link to reschedule.

You can reschedule as many times as needed (as long as you cancel with 24 hours’ notice), but your session must take place within 30 days of purchase. 

I require 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel for any reason. That means if you booked a session for April 10 (which begins at 9am PT), you must cancel or reschedule by April 9 at 9am PT.

If you do not cancel at least 24 hours before our session, you understand that you will forfeit your session and will not be given a refund. 

No refunds are given once you sign up for a Virtual VIP Garden Coaching session.

However, you have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to schedule your session. So if you get too busy, need more time, or have other circumstances come up, rest assured you’ll be able to redeem your session later (as long as the session takes place within 30 days of purchase).