Lazy Gardening Academy

Your 8-Step Process to Plan, Build, Grow, and Harvest a Beautiful, Super Productive Vegetable Garden—With Less Work

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    Ultimate Garden Diary

    INSTANT DOWNLOAD! A fully customizable garden planner, organizer, journal, and logbook that you can mix-and-match to your heart's desire. Includes 48 high-quality PDF pages for you to print, assemble, and create a complete personal record of your dream garden.

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        I've turned to Linda time and time again for answers to all kinds of gardening questions and always found her tips to be spot on, not to mention super understandable and easy to implement.

        Lisa Steele


        Before this program, I was lucky if my plants lasted the summer, let alone produced something that tasted good. But Linda made it fun and easy, from the planning to the harvesting. I just followed her advice and could not believe how humongous my tomato plants were last year! They grew over our 10-foot trellis and then all the way back down, producing the fattest fruit I've ever grown.

        Richard Morton


        Linda has a talent for breaking down steps in a way that is so easy to understand. I feel like I’m starting a few years ahead of where I would be if it weren't for this course!

        Katie Diederichs


        Thanks to this course, I went from having a black thumb that killed every plant I touched to confidently knowing that I now have a green thumb. When I first started, I was urban patio gardening but ended up moving and applying what I learned in this course to create an organic food forest on half an acre. All this with a rambunctious toddler during a pandemic, so lazy gardening was all I could do.

        Christine Mason